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Attract: Create Irresistible Offers That Delight The Right Customers.

Identify the most profitable customers for your brands and services, and then create a persona / avatar for each of them that is regularly updated. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Pinpoint your ideal category to optimise competitivity
  • Benefit from the advantages of targeted segmentation
  • Know how to develop communications that resonate
  • Understand why most organisations never develop actionable business insights – but you will
  • Translate insights into strategy, tactics and actions

This keynote can also be offered as a workshop or breakout session

In-person & Virtual Programs That Inspire & Motivate Your Audience

Delight: Adopt An Inspiring New Culture To Transform Your Customers’ Journey Into A Delightfully Personalised Experience.

Realise faster and more profitable growth. Get your employees excited about a more customer-centric mission and vision. Denyse will share a blueprint that will ignite a passion for your customers in every employee.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of a customer first strategy as a company-wide objective
  • Discover the best wording for motivating mission and vision statements
  • Identify the structure that works best for your organisation to transform your culture
  • Optimise your customers’ journey to be painless, seamless and effortless.
  • Make doing business with you a delightful experience and know the pitfalls to avoid in customer service

This keynote can also be offered as a workshop or breakout session

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Actual Client Testimonials

Denyse is an expert and thought leader in her area of expertise. She helped us to become better at turning insights into action. ………………………………….

Meltem Karahan

Meltem Karahan


I’d highly recommend Denyse for fresh eyes, broad experience, and a quick mind to add substantial value.  ………………………………………………………………………………………..<br>…..

Richard Treadwell Biosensors testimonial

Richard Treadwell


Denyse custom-designed a course, materials, and goals. This showed me that she doesn’t just write about being customer-centric – she IS customer centric. She walks the talk.

Vanessa Oshima Testimonial

Vanessa Oshima


Denyse’s ability to shape a vision and drive change – is unique. She not only understands brands, but more importantly – consumers! I highly recommend her!

Andrea Testimonial Pic

Andrea Bielli


Denyse knows how to translate best practices to the current digitalized business reality.
I would high recommend Denyse for your next event

Tom de Ruyck testimonial

Tom De Ruyk

Insites Consulting

Retain: Prepare Your Business To Take Full Advantage Of Future Opportunities, While Shielding It From Possible Threats.

Benefit from market changes by basing your innovations on customer needs, rather than (just) your internal skills & technology. Know in advance what your customers want, need or dream of having, and then give it to them.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand why 95% of all new product launches fail
  • Upgrade and optimise your innovation process
  • Identify how and where to include your customers
  • Learn the mistake most organisations make when they follow societal trends
  • Determine future axes of business development to successfully expand brands locally, regionally and globally.

This keynote can also be offered as a workshop or breakout session


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