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Denyse’s Blog

Denyse’s Blog

How to Grow Brands Successfully with Actionable Insights

I've just returned from running a two-day workshop in Japan. The topic was "Developing Actionable Insights for Impact". One of the things that I loved about this workshop was that it wasn’t only for Market Research and Insight (MRI) specialists; marketing was...

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developing actionable insights takes a team

13 Easy Facts you Must Gather to Know Your Customers

How well do you know your customers – really?  Here is a useful checklist of 13 facts you need to gather in order to know your customers as well as you should. As you go through it, make a note of information that is still lacking in your customer persona – and if...

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Know your customer

Is Your Customer Journey Painless, Seamless and Effortless?

Turning your customers into raving fans means not just providing them with products and services that satisfy. In order to ensure that your customers are attracted, delighted and above all, retained, you also have to make their purchase journey as painless as...

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Customer journey mapping

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