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Success comes from adopting a customer first strategy. It’s as simple and as that!

Over my career I have been lucky enough in each of my positions, to speak to a lot of customers from around the world. In fact, I have spoken to people in 127 countries to date – and counting!

What strikes me is our similarities rather than our differences. Of course, every culture is different as it has grown out of its own history and traditions. But in the end, we are all human beings, looking to be happy in a messy world. Looking to love and to be loved.

And the same goes for our customers. OK, perhaps not love, but definitely respect. So how are you showing you value your customers’ business?

Thinking customer first is at the very heart of every successful business; but where do you start? If you’ve read my book “Winning Customer Centricity: Putting customers at the heart of your business – one day at a time” you know. But for those of you that haven’t I suggest you buy it, or at least download the free chapters offered HERE to see why so many companies use it as their roadmap to become more customer centric.

Over the coming posts I will be sharing ideas on how to grow by attracting, delighting, and retaining more customers.

This week’s tip is to show you really care about your customers. As I am often quoted as saying “There may be customers without brands, but there are no brands without customers.”

Think about that. Read it again and let it sink in.

Then start showing you care, first within your organisation. Add the quote to the bottom of your email signature. Include it at the beginning of every report and presentation. Use your own favourite quote about customers or check the library of useful quotes on the C3Centricity website.

Another idea is to start every meeting with a photo of your customers. Pin images of them to your meeting room walls. Add them in areas where employees congregate like the lift lobbies, restaurant waiting areas, at the coffee machine or water fountain.


Congratulations! You have already started your journey to customer centricity. And everyone will notice.